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Request a Translation from TTSC using the form below:

Before filling out the form below, please take a second to go through this check list to verify whether you have all of the information necessary to avoid as much confusion as possible. Nobody likes headaches, and this checklist will take care of a few of them at least.

  • What is the original language of the text to be translated, also known as the ‘Source Language’?
  • What is the ‘Target Language’ of the text, or what language does the text need to be translated to?
  • What are your deadlines, and which service speed would help you most?
  • Will the translation need to be completed by a ‘Certified Translator’, or will a simple ‘Professional Translation’ be enough?
  • Should the translation need to be a ‘Certified Translation’, will it need to be notarized?
  •  Are there any specifications concerning the text that TTSC should be aware of?
  • Once completed, where does the document need to go?
That’s it, with the answers to these questions, the TTSC team will be able to send you a complete quote. Simply fill out the form below, and if you need any more information about the underlined vocabulary, please check below the form for the additional information.
We look forward to providing you with the answers you are looking for!

Translation Quote Request Form

Certified Translation

A ‘Certified Translation’ could be used to meet needs of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), higher education and professional applications, passport applications, along with other provincial, territorial, and national authorities documentation requirements. We can provide certified translations of official documents such as a birth certificate, marriage licence, depositions, academic transcript, diplomas, medical documents, legal documents, contracts, and other company documents. Our certified translators are members of translation associations of their province or territory and their translations are recognized legally, by Immigration Canada, by Canadian and American universities (translations of diplomas or transcripts), and also most Canadian government departments.

Certified Translations will be stamped and signed, including a declaration of certified translation.  Should you need them notarized, see below.


Our certified translation service does not have a fixed translation rate as they are set by the translators themselves, and vary according to the translations source and target languages as well as their urgency and the translators’ workload.

Turnaround Times

Please note that our certified translation services does not follow our regular services speeds as they are dependent on the availability of the ‘Certified Translator’. When requesting a certified translation, we will provide you with the expected completion date according to the translator.


When ordering a certified translation from TTSC, it is important to know whether the party that is requesting the translation from you needs your translation to be notarized as well. This is important because the translator needs to be the one who gets the notarization done.

Professional Translation

Our professional translation rates are calculated per word. This is the method most frequently used in the world of translation when it comes to non-official documentation. This allows us and customers to come to agree on a clear and precise price.

  • Prices vary according to the asked terminology , as well as the volume, nature and level of problem of their text to be interpreted (technical vocabulary, etc).
  • Our translation rates vary in general from $0.15 to $0.30 per word. Generally dependent on the service speed requested (see below).

Some language combinations work differently as they are more difficult to process, it is likely that we will have to set up prices on a case by case basis. We always like the challenge of finding someone to help our clients, so let us know what you need!

All of our translators vary in credential levels when it comes to translations. Some of our students are working on their certification, others have just started and need the experience. All our writings are proofread by professional translators or revisers. You’re therefore ensured great caliber work and solid, accurate translations.

Translation Service Rates

Easy Going

10 day turnaround
$ 0
Per Word
  • Choose your languages
  • Accurate Translation
  • 10 Day Turnaround


5 day turnaround
$ 0
Per Word
  • Website, Content, and more
  • Multi-Lingual options
  • Get what you need


1-2 day turnaround
$ 0
Per Word
  • Translation when you need it
  • Professional and Certified options
  • We're here for you

Our Turnaround Times

When setting the turnaround time for a translation, we now have to take into consideration the fact that translators can interpret 1,500 to 2,000 word every day. However, the time frame also depends on the translation domain name and the accessibility of our technical translators in the given domain. We do our best to match the orders, but sometimes clients provide orders that we cannot comply to, but we do our best to get you your translation as close to our deadlines as we can.

To get certified translations, the turnaround time is longer : that the translation has been sent to the customer because our accredited translators need to stamp the file. Two to three business days have to be factored in for mailing, but it is possible to shorten that time with Xpress Post (24 to 48 hours).

For many questions or requests to get a free quotation to your translation, revision, localisation, page layout or interpretation wants, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Kindly attach the file in question and we will respond to you as quickly as we can within business hours with further details.

When you order your translations from us, you gain access to our community of highly skilled translators. We operate with a network of experienced professionals from around the world, and especially Canada of course.

Our translators are carefully chosen based on their fields of experience and their career profile in order to continually ensure high-quality translations. We can do anything from flash translations to complicated projects of many different languages, barring any unforeseen conditions, we promise delivery of your translated documents inside the established deadline.

Our agency is committed to respecting the complete confidentiality of any record entrusted to our people from our clients.

We place all of our skills in your service to guarantee high-quality translations at competitive prices.

Transcription Translation Services Canada can translate any of your files, Whatever the medium used:

  • Business/Corporate document translation
  • Sales brochures
  • Contracts and legal records
  • User guides
  • Marketing presentations (PowerPoint)
  • Press releases
  • Internal corporate communications

And much much more!

Payment, Delivery, and other Options

Please read the following payment and delivery options carefully.


If you order extra copies at this time, the charge is $25/document + tax.

If you order them at a later time, the charge is $35/document + tax.

(Please inquire if you require copies with the requesting party because extra copies may affect the price of shipping.)


Delivery/Mailing Options

Please double check the accuracy of your shipping address prior to providing it to us!

We take no responsibility for any lost or delayed envelopes.

Please select one of the following options:

A.  Within Canada:

           NB: Please provide shipping address and double check that it is correct.

1)  Regular mail

$5 + tax (please allow 5-9 business days for delivery). This service does not provide a tracking number and is not recommended if you are in a hurry to receive your documents.

2)  Canada Post Express Mail:

i)  $20 + tax for regional (Ontario or Quebec) next day delivery

ii)  $25 + tax for national (all other provinces and territories within Canada) – 2-3 day delivery.

Tracking number provided. Delivery standards are for items sent between most major urban centres and depend on origin and destination. Delivery standards are in business days, not calendar days.

Please note: Once posted, we are no longer responsible for the document.

3)  Courier (FedEx, UPS, Purolator, DHL)

$40- $50 + tax- please inform your address for exact price.

(tracking number provided; strongly recommended if you are working with a deadline and for greater accountability). NB: For courier, you must have a mailbox, concierge service or drop-off area in case you are not there to receive the package. Courier cannot access Canada Post mailbox.

B.  International shipping: please provide us with your mailing address for shipping prices and options.

Payment Information

1)  Interac payment to: [email protected]

*If you are paying by Interac and if the program requests a password, please use this exact password: translation.  Please copy and paste the password. Please don’t use any other password.

** If the payment is being made on your behalf, from another person’s bank account, please have them include your name in the transfer message.


2)  Paypal

Please let us know if you wish to pay by Paypal and we will issue an invoice to your e-mail. Please be advised that a 5% administration fee will be added to your Paypal invoice to cover the cost of Paypal.

Please confirm by email once the transaction has been completed, after which we will begin working on the translation.

3)  Credit Card payment is also possible.

Please inquire. A 3.7% service fee will be added to the total.

Disclaimer and Other Important Information

          Our quotes are based on the documents that were submitted by email. Any additional documents received will be subject to a new quote. We cannot quote on unviewed documents. Please be sure that you have sent the correct documents.

          The quality of the translation is a direct reflection of the quality of the copies received.  Illegible items and items that are too small to be read by the naked eye, will be marked as “[illegible].”

          We recommend that clients submit a text version of any handwritten items or items appearing in small font in order to ensure inclusion in the translation. This includes authentication stamps and other seals.

          Any subsequent changes requested after the translation has been completed may be subject to a revision fee.

          Once the service has been confirmed with payment, the translation work will begin immediately, and no refunds can be issued.

          In the case of overpayment, a $5 administrative fee will be deducted from the total to be returned. Overpaid amounts of $5 or less will not be repaid, but a credit can be given for future translations.

          Rounding: Payments that are rounded down will be considered incomplete.