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Video is the most powerful marketing and out reach tool there is these days! It’s been proven that conversions are higher when video is on your web sites, social media accounts, or used in any form of advertising. That’s why we specialize in getting you more out of video marketing with our audio and video transcription services.

  • Transcription increases SEO
  • Allows for Closed Captioning
  • Gives you more content

Getting your videos, podcasts, recorded material, and other audio or video recordings transcribed is great at boosting conversions with powerful copy. This is what we’re good at, along with our translation services, no matter what the business! Contact us today and see the difference we can make with our transcription services.

Did you know video transcription can dramatically increase conversion rates on your website?

 It’s far more engaging than just simple text or images. Every business should be using video in their marketing and on their websites, but what kind?

It can vary dramatically depending on your business, budget, and dedication. One of the most popular video types is Explainer videos, because you can create extremely effective videos that can help you connect with wider audiences, without blowing your budget. Although we cannot help you with your video creation, we can help you with their translation, voice over, and transcription. These are our specialties.

We can transcribe many different types of videos for virtually all business types. We work directly with you to capture the message you want to portray and make sure it comes through in a way that makes a lasting impact on your specific audience.

Our turnaround time is fast and the quality of our work is top-notch. Contact us today for a free estimate on your next audio transcription or video transcription.

Transcription services and the human element

Further to our video content, transcriptions can also increase the human element to your videos.

Video adds a human element back in the area of internet search, and as such, has become the favorite process of ingestion by electronic consumers. Search engines use this consumption and interaction to quantify these human signs. Many entrepreneurs know that social media signs and great video content are becoming increasingly important to SEO since they possess an individual element that is hard to fake. 

However, search engines may simply infer so much better. To acquire the ultimate advantage over competitors and reach a broader audience, create content from your video transcriptions, demonstrations, and merchandise videos digestible for search engines by using transcripts. While movie transcripts are often a forgotten step, they assist marketers by augmenting keyword density and realigning keyword plan. After carefully creating, submitting, and curating video articles, you’ll now have a secret weapon to induce your video content discovery all over the web..


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