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In business for over 5 years, our ability to deliver our transcription services and our translation services is what enabled TTSC grow. We began as a freelance workshop, scaled up to our incorporation, giving us greater freedom to better serve our customers. We specialize in transcription in French, transcription in English, but also having the ability to work in more than 40 languages is really what separates us from our competition . 

Transcription Services

Transcription services to suit most of your deadlines
Provided in over 20 languages

Translation Services

Translation services for your website, marketing, and more
Certified Canadian translation also available

During this growth we have slowly climbed our way up the ladder of top transcription companies and top translation companies to work with and for. We are proud of this fact as we have worked hard for our status, and we have grown our services to help our clients with their audio transcribing and video transcribing needs. Seeing as the world wide web is constantly evolving so have we. We offer services for people who need to their websites, their online content, their brochures, and whatever written work they need transcribed and or translated.

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Transcription Translation Services Canada has a large network of transcribers and translators. Most of them university students looking to make some money online from home. We hire University students because they have something to prove, and they need to gain the work experience for their next career moves. Our services are intended to cater to our clients with a variety of documents, large files, legal documents, and translation services for families and businesses both big and small.

Cost Per Unit

Competitive prices provided per service unit:
Cost per minute for transcriptions
Cost per word or per page for translations


Our friendly customer service agents are well versed in the world of transcription and translations services. They will be glad to help you with your questions

Your Language

We're a multilingual team of translators, if we don't have anyone on our team that speaks your language, we can generally find someone to help you


Your confidentiality, as well as your documents, files, and personal information are all important to us and we use the best services to ensure that.

Transcription Service Rates

Easy Going

10 day turnaround
$ 1
Per Minute
  • Following your instructions
  • 98% Accuracy
  • 10 Day Turnaround


5 day turnaround
$ 2
Per Minute
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Multi-Speaker
  • Focus Groups


1-2 day turnaround
$ 3
Per Minute
  • Fastest Accurate Turnaround
  • Revision Requests
  • All hands on deck

Translation Service Rates

Easy Going

10 day turnaround
$ 0
Per Word
  • Choose your languages
  • Accurate Translation
  • 10 Day Turnaround


5 day turnaround
$ 0
Per Word
  • Website, Content, and more
  • Multi-Lingual options
  • Get what you need


1-2 day turnaround
$ 0
Per Word
  • Translation when you need it
  • Professional and Certified options
  • We're here for you

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What Our Clients Say about TTSC

Transcription Services

Transcription Translation Services Canada does the transcription of your audio and video recordings so you do not have to. This makes the task easy and economical. You are just an email from our team of transcribers and transcribers who will take your audio recording to transcribe it. Just ask for a quote, or send us a link to your files, and we can return a transcript in 1, 5 or 10 business days.

Once we receive your files and confirm the payment, our transcribers will start transcribing your order. Our transcripts are made by people, not software, which means that they will capture nuances more accurately than software. Then the completed transcripts will be returned to you by email.

You want a quote for your transcription ? Services transcript TTSC to begin at a price of $ 1.65 per minute, and for only $ 0.25 more for a transcription Verbatim, or with time markers ($ 0.40 for both). Our work is guaranteed. Which means that if it does not meet your requirements, we will do everything in our power to solve the problem.

Transcription Translation Services Canada can transcribe interviews, meeting notes, discussion groups, market research, experimental data, podcasts, video shots, movies, and virtually any other type of recording.

TTSC can easily handle almost any type of video or audio file including MP3, MP4, WMV, AIF, M4A, MOV, AVI, VOB, AMR, WMA, OGG, and WAV.

Translation Services

Transcription Translation Services Canada may also meet all of your document translation requirements. Our group of professional translators may quickly and correctly translate your document to and from most languages (time delays may vary based on translator abilities). We let only the finest translators and linguists to join our staff, therefore you’re assured a top excellent translation. The majority of our translators have years of professional expertise, and bring expertise from a broad assortment of businesses to their job.

To acquire your translation, simply upload your own document. The very best translator for your job starts closely working on your purchase. Subsequently the translated document is sent to your inbox.

Professional Translations

Our lowest rate pricing is only 15 cents per word. Our normal turnaround time is only 4-5 days. And naturally our job is 100% guaranteed. Turkish, Polish, Vietnamese, and mostly any other language, you name it; let us know what you need and we’ll see what we can do for you. We also offer translation services for site copy, immigration records and forms, legal stuff, market research, media releases, applications and games, along with human resources (HR) documents.

Certified Translations

Transcription Translation Services Canada offers certified translations which could be used to meet needs of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), higher education and professional applications, passport applications, along with other provincial, territorial, and national authorities documentation requirements.We can provide certified translations of official documents such as a birth certificate, marriage licence, depositions, academic transcript, diplomas, medical documents, legal documents, contracts, and other company documents. 

Each webpage is priced at a flat rate of $40 each page (to get a max of 250 words).Documents may be filed in many different formats such as Adobe PDF, JPG (JPEG), GIF, TXT, or even Microsoft Word. Times have changed, it’s easy to find a way to use your files. Unless they’re corrupted, but we’ll be glad to help you out with this as well.

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